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A Learning Tool

You will hear the voices of three speakers (Allan, Glen and Roseanne Tremblay) whose mother tongue is Wolastoqey Latuwewakon, but also the voice of a learner (Edith Bélanger). The participation of a person learning the language is meant to encourage people to speak, even though they know it will be imperfect.

For that is the purpose of such a tool: to make people talk. That's why we've put the emphasis on conversation. We have created dialogues so that people can hear and practice complete sentences. We have also recorded every word in the lexicon three times, so you will hear different pronunciations and you can practice repeating the words you hear. Immerse yourself in the sound and rhythm of our language and don't be afraid to speak it loud and clear!

We have designed a lexicon and modules that you can easily print. Place them on your refrigerator, your kitchen cabinets or keep them with you to consult as needed. Use everyday occasions, in the house, with the children or with friends to assimilate key phrases, vocabulary words. You'll see, you'll learn quickly!

The "HOME / LEARN" section opens on the river-tree which, according to the legend, is at the origin of the Wolastoq.

10 thematic modules will allow you to explore different contexts of language use. Each module begins with a cultural text to frame the theme. You will then see lists of vocabulary, simple and common phrases on the subject, examples of questions and answers, in the present, past and future tenses. Some modules end with an interactive activity.

The icon toggles between displaying the sections of a module page by page (default) or displaying all the sections on the same page.

You can independently listen to the sound recording of wolastoqey latuwewakon words and phrases by clicking the icon. Each beginning of a section has a larger icon that automatically plays all the words and phrases of the same section, one after the other.

The icon is explicit to a section where you can repeat the words after each utterance. The few seconds between these words or short phrases will allow you to practice pronunciation.

For the other sections where the recorded phrases are longer, we invite you to click on the independent icons to listen to the statements several times to familiarize yourself with the sounds, pick up the rhythm and read the text by repeating at your own pace.

A search engine allows you to search a glossary of nearly 3000 words. The icon in the top menu opens a field where you can insert one or more keywords, in wolastoqey latuwewakon, in French or in English.

The glossary menu leads directly to all the words listed in the tool. You will be able to search by keyword, select one of the thematic groupings and/or see all the wolastoqey latuwewakon words beginning with a specific letter. These search fields can all work together. Once you have entered the criteria, click on the magnifying glass icon to launch the search.