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The muskrat is in the centre because of its strong symbolism through its role in the legend of the creation of Mother Earth where it supports Turtle by bringing a handful of soil back from the aquatic depths ... Muskrat is also significant for many nations because of its cooperative nature and its ability to use the resources around it intelligently. As for the moose, we highlight its discreet nature, its quiet presence, its observant sense and the nourishing aspect of self-giving. Salmon carries the medicine of perseverance, strength and courage: it encourages us to know how to swim against the most difficult currents of our emotional existence and to draw from them memories which will be able to guide our return to basics. The tracks of several other animals are also present so as not to forget their lessons: the wolf, the turtle, the fisher, the beaver, the goose, the bear, the wood mouse, the groundhog, the wolverine, the frog and the deer.

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Weyossisok naka keq ollukhahtuwok
Animals and what they do

Ntutemon nilun kiwhos

Our totem the muskrat

Wot weyossis sehke 'ci nilun pomawsuwinuwok naka wiciye acomuwakonol 'ci kiskomikiw.

This animal represents our people and is involved in the creation story.

Nwisokitahaman 'ciw eli kinitahat naka eli sankewitahasit.

We admire its tenacity and its discretion.

Ntoliphukun piyemkimqok 'pisun; kiwhosuwasq.

It is connected to one of our most important medicines; the muskrat root (acorus calamus).

Pihce, Wolastoqiyik tana liwiyaponik kiwhoseyak pomawsuwinuwok: Kiwhosuwiyik.

A long time ago, the Wolastoqey people were also called the muskrat people: kiwhosuwiyik.

Skitkomiqeyak weyossisok Animaux terrestres Land animals Tout Jouer/Play All
Muwin(uwok) Ours Bear
Malsom(ok) Loup Wolf
Olomuss(ok) Chien Dog
Psuwis(ok) Chat Cat
Munimqehs(ok) Marmotte Woodchuck
Otuhk(ok) Cerf Deer
Mus(ok) Orignal Moose
Laks(ok) Carcajou Wolverine
Pokomk(ok) Pékan Fisher
Athusoss(ok) Serpent Snake
Qaqsoss(ok) Renard Fox
Tuhkis(ok) Souris Mouse
Weyossisok pemuhsahtihtit Animaux qui marchent Animals walking Tout Jouer/Play All
Muwin pomuhse. L’ours marche. The bear walks.
Malsom pomuhse. Le loup marche. The wolf walks.
Nisuwok qaqsossok pomuhsiyik. Deux renards marchent. Two foxes are walking.
Nisuwok tukisok pomuhsiyik. Deux souris marchent. Two mice are walking.
Dans la langue wolastoqey, la conjugaison du verbe utilisé varie selon le nombre de personnes ou d’objets concernés. Prenons le cas du verbe marcher : In the Wolastoqey language, the conjugation of the verb used varies according to the number of people or objects involved. Let's take the case of the verb to walk :
Muwin pomuhse. Un ours marche. A bear is walking.
Nisuwok muwinok pomuhsiyik. Deux ours marchent. Two bears are walking.
Nuhuwok muwinok pomuhsahtuwok. Plus de deux : Trois ours marchent. Three bears are walking.
Weyossisok qaskultihtit Animaux qui courent Animals running Tout Jouer/Play All
Olomuss qasku. Le chien court. The dog runs.
Psuwis qasku. Le chat court. The cat runs.
Nuhuwok qaqsossok qaskultuwok. Trois renards courent. Three foxes are running.
Nuhuwok munimqehsok qaskultuwok. Trois marmottes courent. Three woodchucks are running.
Samaqaneyak weyossisok Animaux aquatiques Aquatic animals Tout Jouer/Play All
Cihkonaqc(ok) Tortue Turtle
Nomehs(uwok) Poisson Fish
Putep(ok) Baleine Whale
Kiwhos(uwok) Rat musqué Muskrat
Qapit(ok) Castor Beaver
Coqols(ok) Grenouille Frog
Lontoqiyehs(ok) Canard Duck
Ahkiq(ok) Phoque Seal
Sak(iyik) Homard Lobster
Nomocinuhsehs(ok) Crabe Crab
Polam(uwok) Saumon Salmon
Weyossisok yalhomuhtihtit Animaux qui nagent Animals swimming Tout Jouer/Play All
Polam yalhom. Le saumon nage. The salmon swims.
Cikonaqc yalhom. La tortue nage. The turtle swims.
Newok ahkiqok yalhomuhtuwok. Quatre phoques nagent. Four seals are swimming.
Newok putepok yalhomuhtuwok. Quatre baleines nagent. Four whales are swimming.
Kiwhos ‘tawhom. Le rat musqué est un bon nageur. The muskrat is a good swimmer.
Coqols ‘tawhom. La grenouille est une bonne nageuse. The frog is a good swimmer.
Musikisqeyak weyossisok Animaux du ciel Animals in the sky Tout Jouer/Play All
Cihpolakon(ok) Aigle Eagle
Alamossit / Alamossicik Colibri Hummingbird
Tihtokol(ok) Hibou Owl
Amuwes(ok) Abeille Bee
Kci-kakak(ok) Corbeau  Raven
Kahkakuhs(ok) Corneille Crow
Tihtiyas(ok) Geai bleu Blue jay
Amakehs(ok) Papillon Butterfly
Ankuwiposehehs(ok) Merle Robin
Pakahqaha(wok) Pic-bois Woodpecker
Weyossisok yalituwiyatihtit Animaux qui volent Animals flying Tout Jouer/Play All
Cihpolakon yalituwiye. L’aigle vole. The eagle flies.
Kci-kaka yalituwiye. Le corbeau vole. The raven flies.
Nanuwok tihtiyasok yalituwiyahtuwok. Cinq geais bleus volent. Five blue jays flying.
Nanuwok amakehsok yalituwiyahtuwok. Cinq papillons volent. Five butterflies flying.
Alamossit sehtatuwiye. Le colibri vole à reculons. The hummingbird is flying backwards.
Tihtokol ma-te sehtatuwiyew. Le hibou ne vole pas à reculons. The owl does not fly backwards.
Tout Jouer/Play All
Lamiw À l’intérieur Inside
Neqiw En dessous Underneath
Tehsahqiw Au-dessus Above
Asit Derrière Behind
Nihkaniw Devant In front
Opos Arbre Tree
Waloq Grotte Cave
Ponapsq Rocher Rock
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